Today! I have for great food project for the weekend.

The abundance of everything here is just shocking.
Because, it’s also good food.

Another thing that I did remember, but somewhat forgot, was there’s food everywhere, fast food that is. But, it’s so gorgeous.

A flour tortilla is heated on a griddle, then flipped and sprinkled with a grated, melting cheese (queso quesadilla), such as Monterey Jack, Cheddar cheese, or Colby Jack. Once the cheese melts, other ingredients; such as shredded meat, peppers, onions, or guacamole may be added, and it is then folded and served.

I mention the fast food because as a culture, the states doesn’t cook with raw ingredients. Yes, yes, they have ‘The Food Network’ but that is just too watch people cook, not to actually do it.


The last trick is to make sure that the quesadilla is well seasoned, inside and out. That means seasoning it with salt right after flipping so that the salt has a chance to stick to the hot surface. Think of it like the sprinkle of salt on top of your pretzel: The pretzel is fine without it, but it’s kickass with it.

So, this dish is full of fresh raw ingredients. I even made the tortillas.

I hope you enjoyed the photos. As always, the RECIPE is available upon request.

Once the quesadilla is flipped and both sides are browned, I give it a final drain on paper towels, then cut it into triangles for immediate consumption. Because, as we all know, triangles taste better. Hmm


Why do triangles taste better?..

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Thank you


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